The windows of our dwelling place play a decisive role in elevating the ambiance of the interiors. Choosing the right window coverings for house can boost the overall functionality and aesthetic charm of your living space. With a diverse range of window coverings available in discrete creative designs, one can gain enhanced window protection, as well as boost interior appeal. Such exclusive window coverings also come in assorted options including draperies, shades, blinds, curtains, and motorized shades.  

Window curtains

These top-of-the-line window treatments help to effectively safeguard from the harsh weather elements while portraying elegant style and functionality. With a unique touch of sophistication, these window coverings are undeniably the ideal need of all modern abodes and apartments, helping to transform regular living spaces into soothing oases. In this guide, we unearth the exciting realm of window treatments that can be customized as the distinct layout of your home and lifestyle. Our highly adept staff guides the clients with the ideal window treatments that suit the specific functionality, style, budget, and material preferred by the homeowners.

Let’s delve into the prime benefits of choosing custom window coverings for your abode:

1. Privacy

One of the foremost merits of choosing window treatments is to get the required privacy. Options like blinds and shutters with narrow slats permit the occupants to see out of their windows, while effectively blocking snoopy eyes from outside. Irrespective of the location of the house, one can have complete control of the visibility into their house with such highly functional window coverings. Along with obtaining utmost privacy, and comfort, these exclusive window treatments also minimize the outside noise, thus keeping the residents stress-free.

2. Temperature Control and UV Protection

These innovative window coverings also offer adequate insulation to the interiors by minimizing the heat entering from outside. Such window shades and blinds permit the correct extent of sunlight to enter the homes. Thus, with the solar heat effectively reduced, the interiors of the abode offer a more soothing ambience in the summer. In winter, the process is reversed, where insulation prevents heat loss, helping the interiors to remain warm and cozy.

Blinds, shades

Now, one can choose light-colored drapes that assist in regulating the degrees by repelling heat during summer, while using dark curtain colors to retain the necessary heat in winter. Such window treatments also control the precise amount of sunlight entering the interior zones. This resultantly boosts energy-efficiency and comfort for the residents, while safeguarding from UV protection. Nevertheless, there are some window treatments such as solar shades that permit individuals to enjoy the visuals outside, as well as safeguarding from the UV rays through effective light-blocking.

3. Improved Natural Light Control

Window coverings also allow the residents to efficiently control the amount of sunlight to let in. For managing the intensity of the natural light, especially with shades, one can deflect the same by turning up the shutters. One can also spread the light by using draperies, thereby changing the ambience of the interiors. These window treatments thus reduce the glare, where one can enjoy a peaceful sleep, or may wake up to the mild rising sun through the opened draperies.

4. Energy Efficiency

Again, investing in energy-efficient and premium window coverings can be a smart decision for homeowners eager to minimize their monthly utility bills. Thus, choosing different window treatments such as shutters, cellular shades, custom Roman shades, and solar shades can prove to be the best bet for reducing the wastage of indoor temperature.

5. Aestheticism

Such best-in-class window coverings deliver more than practical operability, as they showcase the style statement of the homeowners. Boosting an overall aesthetic appeal, these window treatments are available in diverse choices of designs, colors, and materials. The residents can easily complement their interior décor and upholstery by matching the colors of such window shades, and blinds. Such unique and vibrant expressions at the windows help the abode to stand out from the neighboring spaces.

6. Discrete Choices of Window Treatments

Before unearthing the different types of window coverings, it is vital to perceive the specific needs of such blinds and shades according to the specific window space. Thus, the residents need to consider the particular shape, size, and direction of the window spaces.

Let’s go through some of the various options available as window treatments:

  • Drapes

Offering an added touch of sophistication and functionality, choosing the draperies can undeniably be the foremost choice for homeowners. Such customized drapery designs can seamlessly match with the interior décor layouts. One can also create an exclusive dramatic effect, especially with the floor-length panels, delivering an added elegance to your dwelling space.

  • Blinds

Again, choosing the blinds can be the best bet for residential owners, as such window treatments can offer accurate control over the entering of natural light. Made with distinct materials, including sustainable faux wood, natural wood, and enduring, yet lightweight aluminum, these blinds deliver optimal style and functionality. In addition, one can also opt for the fully tailored tilt systems and slat sizes that help to optimally adjust the entry of natural light in the abode with unmatched satisfaction.

  • Shades

Now, shades are available in discrete designs, including the seamlessly streamlined roller shades, the aerodynamic elegance of the cellular shades, and much more. Showcasing a highly pragmatic approach, such highly adjustable window coverings can easily modify the amount of natural light to be filtered into the interior spaces of your abode. What’s more! Residents can always sustain the optimal level of privacy, and still stay mesmerized with the panoramic views of the outdoors in Santa Rosa, and others.

Shades, Window Coverings for House
  • Curtains

Find the enduring Window Coverings for House that offer a comfortable ambiance to the rooms. Nevertheless, residents have a plethora of choices to select from, including varied fabrics, and textures that match with the original layout of the interior zones. Such tailored curtain designs will certainly generate the right ambiance inside the home spaces. One can go for dark and durable curtains that maintain improved privacy and insulation, offering a more quiet, private, and comfortable house. Again, individuals can also select a soft and scattered design of curtain that can bring a subtle gleam to the interiors. However, people can also mix and match various designs and colors, personalizing the Window Coverings for House to deliver a personal touch to their home spaces.

  • Motorized Shades

With automated or motorized shades that function with the mere touch of a button or even voice commands, residents can cherish unmatched sophistication and comfort. Such an exclusive range of ultramodern motorized shades can be ideal for all inaccessible window spaces and can be modified as per the specific needs of the clients. In addition, such motorized shades can also be synced up with the existing smart home automation system for optimal power savings in the abode. What’s more! These next-gen window shades can also be controlled from mobile devices via apps, while time schedules can be provided to close and open the shades spontaneously. With such seamless sophistication, the residents can gain topmost security, privacy, and satisfaction.

Here are some crucial facets to consider when choosing the custom window treatments:

Privacy – the tailored window covering designs need to deliver an optimum level of privacy to the home spaces, cutting out the outside world and noise.

Light Control – opting for customized window treatments should effectively prevent harsh sunlight, thereby safeguarding the furnishings and floor space.

Aestheticism – the window shades and blinds need to perfectly match the interior décor of the abode. Selecting such window treatments can showcase an ultramodern and sophisticated ambiance. Energy Savings – The window blinds, shades, and curtains should also be considered with their efficient insulation attributes, which helps to save on your monthly utility bills.

Window Coverings for House

Best Tips to Select the Befitting Window Coverings

Opt For Tailored Choices

To get a befitting and customized appeal on the window spaces, it is always justified to go for tailored window shades, and not the regular ones.

Measure Doubly

It is also highly recommended to choose window treatments, only after measuring the window spaces two times. This will certainly ensure that the window coverings fit precisely, thereby preventing incorrect sizes.  

Consider Automated Shades

Homeowners are advised to go for the fully automated or motorized window shades that function with a remote control, thus providing increased convenience. With such seamless automation, one can easily regulate the precise amount of sunlight to enter into the interior spaces.

In A Nutshell

JLS Window Coverings, the top-notch in-house design consultants offers top-of-the-line window shades that deliver seamless aesthetic appeal and privacy to the home spaces. Supported by more than 35 years of unmatched expertise they help residential clients to choose the precise window curtains and other exclusive treatments tailored according to custom preferences.  Our certified and highly adept installers accurately offer detailed attention to install the window coverings for the clients with promptness and dedication. Don’t think twice about scheduling a consultation with our experts to elevate the aesthetic ambiance of your homes.


How to Use Drapery Hooks ?

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How to Measure for Curtains

To measure for curtains, determine the width of the window and add 4-8 inches on each side for fullness. Measure from the top of the window frame (or rod) to the desired curtain length. For a complete guide on choosing the right window coverings, see Choosing the Right Window Coverings for Your House.

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Can You Return Custom Cut Blinds to Home Depot?

Typically, custom cut blinds cannot be returned to Home Depot due to their personalized nature. For more information on custom window treatments, see Choose JLS Window Coverings for Custom Window Treatments.

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