Beautiful window curtains offer elegance with a personal and unique touch to your home decor. But, in order to clean them regularly and maintain the shine, they are still necessary. Here are some practical tips how to clean and take care of custom window curtains and keeping your custom curtains, draperies, motorized shades, shades blinds, Hunter Douglas shades & blinds long last:

Importance Of Regular Cleaning

Curtains and Draperies get dust, allergens and dirt over time. It will keep them looking great, and they will last longer. They also make for a healthier indoor environment by lessening the allergens and dust in your home.

Cleaning Window Treatments for Blinds, Curtains and More

1. Vacuuming

You can clean curtains weekly by running a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment over them. Begin at the top of the screen and gently brush down, without pressing too hard on your fabric.

2. Spot Cleaning

Make sure that you spot clean for stains or spills Add some warm water with a little dab of mild detergent, and use a decent quality fluffy white dishcloth to softly soak upwards the stain. Do not rub, this will just distribute the stain in addition to possibly making it bigger damage the textile.

3. Machine Washing

Check the care label on your curtains to determine if they are machine washable. If they are, take a mild detergent and wash them in cold water using the gentle cycle. Hang-dry or tumble dry low.

4. Dusting Motorized Shades

Microfiber cloths or dusters Although you do not see dust as it is clear, the presence of motorized shade and regular shades probably have much dirt even if using other cleaning equipment. This helps cut down on dust and keeps the shades looking new.

5. Deep Cleaning

If you want to clean them completely, just remove the blinds and soak it in a bathtub that contains warm water filled with mild detergent. Brush gently with a soft brush, and hang to dry.

6. Professional Cleaning

If you can afford to hire a professional cleaning service, do it — especially when it comes to motorized shades. These people own the right equipment that can clear the pavement without harming it.


Tips for Extending the Life of Your Window Curtains By Hunter Douglas Shades & Blinds

When it comes to quality and durability, Hunter Douglas shades & blinds are the clear winner. For a more detailed cleaning of the body pads, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can maintain it easily with occasional spot cleaning and by regular dusting.

  1. Regular Inspection

Examine your window treatments for wear and tear. Be sure all those motorized shades and blind mechanisms are working appropriately.

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Your window treatments do not like the direct sunlight as this can cause fading and damage them over time they should be cleaned. Apply lightweight linings or even UV-protective films to the windows in order that curtains and shades aren’t damaged by harsh daylight.

  1. Proper Installation

Make sure your window coverings are installed correctly Colored shades and blinds, when not aligned properly or if mounted poorly may wear down more on certain areas as it is used which might cause damage to the material.

  1. Rotate and Change

If you have 2 or more sets of curtains, partitions and draperies; it is good to rotate them time after time. This ensures that wear and tear are evenly spread out, increasing the lifespan of each set.

Far too often people invest in customized window curtains, draperies, motorized EVERYTHINGS shades, shades & blinds and forget to maintain or take care of them. If you follow these simple rules, your window treatments will stay in optimal shape for years to come. By doing routine maintenance you can help to make your house look amazing and create a living environment that is healthier.

To learn more about window treatments from experienced professionals and variety of choices visit JLS Window Coverings. Custom Blinds, Elegant Draperies or High Quality Hunter Douglas Products; you will be able to find the perfect solution for your home.


How to hang drapery?

To hang drapery, install the curtain rod brackets at the appropriate height, secure the rod, and attach the drapery panels using rings, hooks, or a rod pocket. For more tips on enhancing your home decor with custom draperies, visit Enhancing Your Home Decor with Custom Draperies: A Complete Guide.

How much do motorized window shades cost?

The cost of motorized window shades can vary widely depending on the brand, size, and features. Typically, they range from $300 to $1000 or more per window. For more on motorized window shades, visit Motorized Window Shades: Are They Worth the Investment?.

How to remove Hunter Douglas blinds?

To remove Hunter Douglas blinds, first, open the brackets by pushing them open or releasing the locking mechanism. Then, gently lift and pull the blinds out of the brackets. For more details on Hunter Douglas products, visit Embracing Sustainability: JLS Windows Leads with Eco-Friendly Hunter Douglas Window Coverings.

How to measure for blinds and shades?

To measure for blinds and shades, determine whether you want an inside or outside mount. For an inside mount, measure the width and height inside the window frame. For an outside mount, measure the width and height of the area you want to cover. For detailed instructions, visit Choosing the Right Window Coverings for Your House.

How much are custom blinds?

The cost of custom blinds varies based on materials, size, and customization options. Typically, custom blinds can range from $150 to $1000 per window. For more information on custom window treatments, visit Choose JLS Window Coverings for Custom Window Treatments.

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